Office Furniture

How should the office chair be?

The office chair, where employees have to spend most of their time, can often cause discomfort. The use of office chairs, which are effective even in the emergence of occupational diseases and the features they should carry, should be thoroughly researched and preference should be made.

Office chairs that are not suitable for employees are known to cause serious discomfort and some diseases over time. It can even be preventive to pay attention to some factors in the selection of chairs that cause neck, back, shoulder and low back pain in the first place.

As experts say it is very important by emphasizing it, choosing the right office chair is a very important step in increasing employee performance. How should an office chair be for this? It is possible to answer the question in the light of some factors.

How High Should the Chair Be?

One of the first and most important selection factors is office chair height. The size of the office chair seat should be around 45-50 cm on average. Since the soles of your feet touch the ground while sitting, distance control and its effect on health should also be evaluated at this point.

The distance between the leg and the chair should be such that your fingers can easily come out of this area. When you see that you cannot pass comfortably when you try with your fingers, it is necessary to reduce your seating area to a level that will provide this. The ideal height should be between 40-50 cm.

What should the chair seat depth be?

One of the factors that generally cause back pain is the width of the office chair seat. By paying attention to this issue, you can prevent employees from suffering back and lower back pain. Information to pay attention to:

When you fully lean your back, you should measure the distance between the chair edge and your knee.
In this measurement, the width should be between 5-7 cm.
Otherwise, the nerves in the back of your leg will cause your legs to go numb.
In the absence of this distance, you should put a pillow between the back and the chair in order to reduce the sitting depth of the chair.

In this way, the required seating depth will be provided, and there will be a low probability of problems even when you use it for a long time.

How Should Chair Arm Supports Be?

It is necessary to pay attention to the measurements, knowing that your arms will also affect your physical health. The armrests of the chair should be large enough to provide light support to your shoulders.

When you lean your arm on your body, it should be parallel to your spine, that is, your body, and the front of your arm should be in a standing position with an average angle of 90 degrees. In this way, the seat will not block your arm and the range of motion of your arm.

How should the legs of your chair be?

Considering that chairs carry different weights all day, it becomes clear that their feet must be firm. It is important that the feet have a number of feet that will allow movement in all directions and will not cause weight bearing problems.

The ideal thing to achieve this is that it has 6 wheels. Although it varies according to width and design, there are opinions that it would be better to choose chairs with at least 4 legs.

How should your chair be designed?

Among your choices, comfort, comfort and ergonomics will be more prominent when the duration of use is taken into account. But this does not mean that you have to make mandatory choices in terms of design. By looking at the chair designs, you can evaluate whether it is suitable for your own understanding and color quest.

Having the necessary health features does not oblige you to buy stylish chairs for your office. For this, having designs that will evaluate the areas efficiently and be in harmony with the general design can guide the preferences.

Does Your Chair Have to Be Ergonomic?

Making choices that are ergonomic, that is, in a way that does not harm human health, can be achieved by the ergonomics of the chair. A chair made according to the characteristics of the user and the general human anatomy always means more comfort.

For this reason, when choosing an office chair, it should be considered that it is ergonomic.

What should the price range of the chair be like?

When choosing a chair for each company office, it has to make a price-related evaluation and act in accordance with the budget. It is essential to make a choice that will be used without any problems for a long time, considering the price and benefit. Keeping the price of the office chair low causes deficiencies in terms of quality, durability and ergonomics.

Trying to avoid cost in the preferences of your desk, chair and computer, where you spend a long time, is having to bear more expenses. From the very beginning it is right to focus on the chair that meets the maximum specifications required.